Jerome Rhett 2018 Demo Reel

A collection of some of Jerome Rhett's favorite clips, motion graphics, and ideas all wrapped up into this display of his talents as a creator.

Creator: Jerome Rhett

Electric Circuit

A small motion graphic illustrating how electric circuits operate.

Creator: Jerome Rhett

Zanadu Comics Commercial

This is a commercial that captures the spirit that Zanadu Comics wishes to impart onto all of their customers. 

Director/Producer: Jerome Rhett

Assistant Director: Jasmin Johns

Cinematographer: Augustus Cardoso

Audio: Ben Stevenson

Key Grip: Dale-Patrick Frost

Music: Steven Silver


   Mary Madaline Roe

   Kaela Rosario

   Mehra Park

   Elias Villela

A Look at the Laser Dome

Come look at an introduction to the world of the Laser Dome at the Pacific Science Center.

Cinematography: Jerome Rhett

Editing: Jerome Rhett

Music: Improper Grammar Club